Innovation & Future Strategy

The Future of Innovation

2111 Consulting is working with Compose The Future to create a new innovation platform for enterprises, governments, educational institutions, charities, and NGOs to prepare for and embrace the future.

Composing a New Future

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it" Alan Kay

Disruption is, for better or worse, the dish of the day. A recent McKinsey Global Survey concluded that 70% of top executives have innovation as a top priority, and yet the majority have no strategy in place to implement innovation across their organisation.

This really is about survival of the fittest. Competition and co-opetition are evolving daily, what worked yesterday may not work today, and organisations and people have to constantly reinvent themselves.

Change Happens

The Fuzzy Front End of Innovation

Is your organisation struggling with too few quality ideas? Or too many ideas to follow up? Or does it struggle with both?! Great ideation requires the openness of a modern social network combined with the ability to model and morph different scenarios to create the optimal future:

  • Future facing innovation toolset
  • Organisation-wide engagement
  • Include selected customers and partners
  • Ideas and issues become an organisational asset
  • Assign impacts and set priorities
  • Model and morph scenarios for the optimum future
  • Adopt & adapt as needed during implementation

Innovation Execution

The greatest ideas and strategies mean nothing if they are not implemented. Yet business as usual cannot always cope with business as unusual. Tensions develop, communication fails, paths diverge. Successful innovation execution requires a mind and toolset that:

  • Catalogues skills, resources and knowledge
  • Engages the organisation throughout the cycle
  • Maps scenarios into strategic programmes
  • Empowers change, contingency and risk management
  • Incorporates business as unusual into day to day operations
  • Deals with disruption, black swan & wildcard events
  • Leverages eLearning to empower cultural change