Moodle Open Source eLearning

Moodle is a free, open source Learning Management System

2111 Consulting has considerable experience in eLearning, and in particular has successfully deployed Moodle in a number of projects. Our design and development team has "Made Moodle Beautiful" - both in looks and function.

Why Pay Per Seat?

Moodle is an extensible and scalable open source eLearning platform, used by schools at all grades and levels, and increasingly used within enterprise and government both as an intranet host and for employee training and development.

With every new release, Moodle provides better performance, better integration with the "new world" of HTML5 and Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI), and works well across both workstation and mobile environments.

New Moodle has integrated hooks and APIs so that developers like 2111 Consulting can add value with unique course formats, responsive themes, and greater choice of content formats and eLearning suppliers.

Bid Management

2111 Consulting extensions to Moodle

Moodle is a modular learning management system, with the ability to tailor it to an organisation's specific requirements. Our developments include:

  • Custom and responsive themes - make Moodle beautiful
  • Intelligent menu system - knows who you are, and what you need
  • CourseFlow course format - puts learning content in front of student
  • Custom reporting, modules and blocks - tailor and enhance Moodle
  • Course development and automated content migration
  • Wordpress integration - your favourite CMS as a LMS
  • Hosting and support - cloud or on site

A few of our 2111 Consulting eLearning Customers

KCA (UK) Ltd

Who - KCA is a charity that offers treatments for mild to moderate mental health problems, adult substance misuse services.

What - Please check out our case study.

Europe - China Trade Project

Who - EUTCP (II) provides EU support to China's Sustainable Trade.

What - 2111 Consulting provided a Moodle theme in keeping with the EUTCP website that would support all of their partners and clients in China, using browsers from Internet Explorer 6 to the latest mobile browsers.