Bids & Proposals Management

Legacy tendering methodologies waste time and resource that most organisations simply do not have.

Those seeking the most cost effective SLA backed services and those supplying them face the same challenges. Both sides lack time and resource, and both traditionally struggle to get the right information together, quickly, in a standard effective format.

Our Win-Win-Win Credo

In the heat of the tendering process, suppliers can promise the Earth and buyers can insist upon the Moon. The 2111 Consulting team have considerable ICT experience from both sides, and believe that our templated and efficient methodology will reduce resource and time drains, creating a much simpler, standardised framework for all parties to utilise whilst still allowing flexibility and creativity.

Our team has experience of 1,000s of bids and tenders. We know that by fostering a win-win situation, we are much more likely to be used again and be recommended.

Bid Management

Tendering for ICT Services

Our structured bid methodology simplifies procurement of new or replacement ICT services, ensuring you are getting exactly what you require at the lowest possible cost in the shortest possible time. Our tendering management services include part or all of the following:

  • RFI/RFP/Auction Preparation
  • Templated Bid Document
  • Decision Criteria Matrix
  • Management of Tendering
  • Supplier & Solution Optimisation
  • Supplier & Contract Negotiation
  • Implementation & Change Control

Responding to ICT Service Tenders

Large tenders and bids can consume considerable resources.  Your sales teams have uncovered “the greatest opportunities of the year”, but you don’t have the resources necessary to qualify and/or respond professionally in the time required.  Our tendering response services include part or all of the following:

  • Opportunity Qualification
  • Templated Proposal
  • Management of Bid Team
  • Cost & Solution Optimisation
  • Management of 3rd Parties
  • Buyer & Contract Negotiation
  • Implementation & Change Control